Menu Plan Monday


Menu Plan Monday! This week is a five day work week! I have been spoiled! This weekend I spent a day cleaning the garage with my husband. Not the most exciting but definitely helping me focus more on my word of the year which is simplify. My craft dresser is now condensed to three bins and we put the dresser on the curb to bless someone else! Woke up this ...continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Ideas!


Do you have any little lucky leprechauns in your house? Make the holiday lots of fun with a Lucky Leprechaun Dinner! I know its a bit early but sheesh Easter is already in stores! I feel like Valentine's Day was just last week! Oh wait, it was! Start off by inviting the potential Leprechauns to fill out an application by Rachelle Smith on Teachers Pay ...continue reading

Menu Plan Monday-Is it Winter?


Hello! It has been forever! I apologize, lots of things going on, LOTS of self reflection and self care and just never enough hours in the day! It has been really nice here, like 78 degrees, I am sure my relatives in freezing cold places are jealous but they will be laughing at me in a few months when it is 117 for days and days here in the desert! This ...continue reading

Christmas Coupons with Free Printable

christmas coupons

I made these Christmas Coupons for my son because I want him to understand that not all gifts have to cost a lot of money or time. These are things we like to do together but there are times when I maybe do not want to go to the park and he can trump me with his coupon. (1x time use only! Ha!) The clip art and font is from Nikki at MelonHeadz who is ...continue reading

Spoil Me at DownEast Basics!

Downeast Basics

    I was recently lucky enough to be selected to host a “Spoil Me” Party at DownEast Basics! Along with 10 friends I was able to try on and purchase some of the latest trends for the holiday! DownEast has gotten some new items; including lace slip extenders for just barley too short skirts as well as a new design on their basic tee! The ...continue reading

Reversible Holiday Blocks

Holiday Blocks

My husband is a crafting machine. I wish I could take credit for these holiday blocks but I can not. He saw me pin it on Pinterest and replicated it for me for my birthday. He made one version of the holiday blocks with a different font and decided he did not like it. These blocks are made with the font "Jenna Sue." Here is the front, perfect for ...continue reading

Menu Plan Monday


Menu Plan Monday! I swear the weekends are getting shorter and shorter! Last week was full of birthday freebies and an unexpected dinner out! This week we are sticking to basics for time and money purposes. Also, everyone in this house is passing a cold and now it is my turn, oh joy! Homemade chicken noodle soup, crackers, cheese BBQ Beef Sandwiches ...continue reading

Toffee Bar Blondies

Toffee Bar Blondies

Toffee Bar Blondies. Back in the day, almost a decade now, (gulp) I was a Starbucks Barista making all sorts of concoctions. One of the treats we sold at the time was a Toffee Almond Bar.  Chewy and just enough sweet. This recipe is pretty close, no almonds in the recipe though I do not recall that the real version had them either. Enjoy with a cup of ...continue reading

Menu Plan Monday-Mom’s Birthday Week!


   Menu Plan Monday! Even though I actually plan on Friday's, sneaky, sneaky.. I feel like I haven't posted in a long time. Life sort of just got in the way and I have been trying to achieve some balance between work, the family and the blog. This month is my birthday month so I got lots of freebies for all kinds of food, but now it is time to get ...continue reading

20 Ways to Show Gratitude and Celebrate the Season!

Gratitude Collage

  Gratitude makes what you have enough. This is is a topic I feel like can never get old as everyone needs kindness and reflection in their lives.November is the month of Gratitude for many with Thanksgiving and Family Day at the end of the month. My birthday is also in November so I like to take that day to reflect on my blessings and plan my new ...continue reading